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Experience in our autonomous organizations

Real and directly applicable professional environments in the corporate world.


A collaborative platform to create extraordinary experiences

Experience: 🚀 Set off on a captivating journey to discover your purpose, an enriching experience that will propel you towards fulfillment.

Ayc | City

An idyllic virtual world, recreated in real life

Experience: 🏝️ Immerse yourself in the exciting mission of designing the ideal city to live a dream life, an experience that is both creative and rewarding.

Ayc | Learn

An online course platform that breaks the rules

Experience: 🎓 Embark on an educational adventure and inspire by becoming an innovative leader, pushing the boundaries of traditional learning.

Gain professional experiences that boost your CV: Explore our projects

How it works

We offer you a learning methodology inspired by the success practices of leaders like Google.


Explore our Collaborative Ecosystem


As soon as you arrive on Aycoo, you will be welcomed into a vibrant ecosystem of creativity. Explore projects, learn about other members' goals, and find collaboration opportunities that resonate with your passions.

Take advantage of this dynamic community to continuously cultivate new knowledge, paving the way to an extraordinary future.

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OKR - Framework focused on ambitious objectives and measurable key results

Becoming The Leader in the Experience Economy


Reach a market cap of $40 billion for Aycoin

Supporting the success of our members

Add 100 projects with unique experiences.


Co-create Revolutionary Projects


The adventure begins when you actively get involved in co-creating unique projects with our platform. Join teams of enthusiasts, collaborate with daring minds and merge your ideas to bring to life experiences that make an impact.

By working hand in hand, you'll contribute to achievements that push the boundaries of what's possible, all while learning through practice.

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Mentor Aycoo

Teamwork that inspires success.

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Franck Rossini

Head Of Marketing

Thrive through Your Experiences


Your creativity, hard work and dedication will pay off. Each objective achieved constitutes a precious stone in the collective edifice that we are building together. You will benefit as a priority from the exceptional goods and services created by the community, our mentors ensuring your success.

The unforgettable experiences you will live will become key moments in your own professional evolution during your unique journey on Aycoo.

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Stand out as a leader right now

Unlock opportunities and upgrade the value of your exclusive NFT access card, available in a limited edition of only 10,000 rare copies.

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Metal 0.1 ETH
For Adventurers
Be the Captain: Influence the future of the platform. 🚀
Explore the Unknown: Open the door to extraordinary experiences. 🌐
Infinite Knowledge: Dive into an ocean of knowledge. 📚
24/7 Guide: Insightful advice to make progress toward your goals. 🤖
Ikigai: Cultivate a more powerful purpose with priority assistance from mentors. 🌟
External or internal team: Help advance other students by becoming a leader. 🤝
Make Your Dreams Come True: Turn your dreams into an exciting quest. 🎯
Stay Focused: Stay focused on your adventures and their impact on the world. 🗂️
Optimal efficiency: Be the architect of innovation and manage your tasks with our innovative approach. 🔒
Communicate Securely: Each message is a new adventure. ✉️
Silver* 1 ETH 0.5 ETH
For Visionaries
Guide the Evolution: Shape the direction of the platform. 🚀
Exclusive Access: Catalyze your vision with premium resources. 💎
First to the Treasures: Seize unique opportunities in advance. 🎉
Privileged Access: Be among the first on board promising projects. 📋
Transform Your Knowledge into Success: Achieve your goals to earn AyCoins (AYC) and increase your level of recognition.💡
Master Management: Control your goals with precision and ease. 📊
Informed Planning: Organize your success with a time perspective. 📅
Draw your Destiny: Draw a clear path to your true purpose. 🌳
Track Your Evolution: Explore every step of your adventure. ⏳
Access Adventurer benefits for a rich experience! ✨
Gold* 10 ETH
For Aliens
Be the Architect of the Universe: Influence the platform with unparalleled authority. 🚀
Space Headquarters: Take advantage of a coworking space to stimulate your creativity. 🏢
Meeting Point: Connect with other members in a dedicated space. 🏡
A Guide to Earth: Get personal advice from a human mentor. 🤝
Optimize your Time: Delegate to focus on what matters. 🕒
Simplify your Initiatives: Free yourself from time-consuming and repetitive tasks with out-of-this-world automation. 🔄
Be front and center: Highlight your ideas and goals to the community. 🔍
The Royal Treatment: Access features reserved for VIPs. 🌟
Your Interstellar Itinerary: Unlock new possibilities 📋
Access Visionaries benefits for a complete experience! ✨
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Independant Advisor

David Deslandes

I have about 23 years of experience with 12 years in startup / scale-ups and 5 years in GAFAM

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Tahina Rabetsitonta

With over 14 years of experience in .NET app development. I joined Aycoo to take up new challenges

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Business Mentor

Sébastien Lim

After having worked more than 20 years in the salaried sector, I decided to take another path to be a business mentor coach

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Growth marketing strategy

Franck Rossini

I have more than 20 years of experience with pioneering digital players including Spotify, Sybel or MySpace

Want a new challenge ? Become a mentor
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At Spotify, I faced challenging marketing tasks, but Aycoo truly changed my perspective. This community pushed me to be bolder than ever, paving the way for a world focused on creating unique experiences. Thanks to Aycoo, I've become a true expert in experiential marketing, where every moment matters. If you're ready to push the boundaries in experience creation, Aycoo is the perfect place to start.
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Franck Rossini — Marketing Director, Spotify

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