Live your passion for DIY without worrying about commercial hazards

What if you could earn income from your passion for DIY (Do It Yourself) or handmade?

Cooperate with a team of talented designers who model unique handmade items on a regular basis.
Share the fruits of your labour through the Aycoo application and enjoy the reputation of the designers to easily increase your sells online.

A success driven by passion

One day, a brilliant DIY blogger wanted to succeed in digital entrepreneurship.
Therefore, he shared new original tutorials every day on Youtube, from his living-room.
He quickly understood how tough the competition was and he realized then that advertising did not bring him enough revenue.
With an overflowing imagination, he transformed an old t-shirt into a tote bag, a milk bottle into a design vase,
an old rustic bar into a very chic storage unit.

As a result, he wanted to sell his articles online for profit.
Unfortunately, he did not find manpower to help him make his creations faithfully.
While browsing the internet, he came across a collaborative sales platform
that offered designers the opportunity to sell their handmade creations by experienced artisans.
He decided to share his tutorial with them and since then he cashes commissions on each unit sold on his Aycoo store.

The blogger is living his dream. His sales are propelled onto the web thanks to his reputation and that of community influencers.
The stock of his shop is regularly supplied by passionate handicrafters.

A project or a partnership, a suggestion or a kind word, a problem with the app or a declaration of love, don't hesitate, we're here to answer all your questions !

Stay tuned !