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Discover how blockchain technology and the OKR methodology are revolutionizing the way to achieve world-changing goals

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We are convinced that each of us has the power to change the world by following our passions. At AYCOO, we're here to help enthusiasts set and achieve world-changing goals, while improving their lifestyles. We believe that freedom is the key to success.

That's why we created a DAO* (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) project management platform that uses the OKR* (Objectives and Key Results) methodology and blockchain technology to ensure transparency, trust and recognition among its members. We eschew classic hierarchical processes and rely in part on self-executing smart contracts to enable consensus on a common vision. The AYCoin token is a key part of our platform, as it allows members to contribute value to the community and helps preserve the fruit of everyone's past labors, forming a knowledge economy*.

Our AYCOO platform is a unique community where members can participate in exciting and ambitious projects, do what they love and be recognized for their work. It highlights the power of community and technology. Thus creating a virtuous dynamic where everyone can benefit from the success of the whole community. We pride ourselves on providing a platform that empowers everyone to realize their potential and change the world. At AYCOO, we're here to help you go beyond your limits, achieve your dreams and set goals that will change the world. "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do it." - Steve Jobs.


Find projects that inspire and motivate you!

Ayc | 2o

Project management platform connected to blockchain.

Objective: Develop members' "raison d'être".

Ayc | City

Virtual world or Metaverse backed by real assets

Objective: Living in a positive-sum world.

Ayc | Learn

Online course platform that breaks the rules

Objective: Creating inspiring leaders through education.
How it works

Our most sincere intention is to help you live from your passion while controlling your progress towards success


Participate freely

Set a goal to achieve, take initiatives and move forward at your own pace

At AYCOO, we value your freedom to act according to your personal aspirations.

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Become a leader in the knowledge economy


Reach USD 10B market cap

Supporting member success

Added 100 innovative DAOs to create real impact in the world


Earn recognition

Your performance will always be greatly rewarded (AYCoin, NFT...)

At AYCOO, we attach great importance to recognizing your outstanding performance.

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Mentor Aycoo

Fantastic work on getting this project off the ground

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Franck Rossini

Head Of Marketing

Improve your lifestyle

Invest in real asset backed NFTs and exclusive perks

At AYCOO, we want your success to be reflected in your daily life.

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Access card limited to 10000 NFTs

All cards evolve according to your performance

*Coming soon
Metal 0.1 ETH
For Rebels
Voting power 50 AYC
Access to Ayc | 2o
Access to Ayc | University
Access to the community
Virtual Mentor (AI)
Exclusive courses
Create and manage goals
List view of goals
Task management (real-time Kanban board)*
Secure messaging
Silver* 1 ETH 0.7 ETH
For Visionaries
Voting Power 500 AYC
Includes the Metal offer, plus :
Premium resources
Early bird (NFTs)
Whitelist on new projects
Advanced Dashboard
Calendar view of goals
Tree view of goals
Timeline view of goals
Gold* 10 ETH
For Aliens
Voting power 5000 AYC
Includes Silver offer, plus :
Access to Ayc | Office
Access to Ayc | House
Dedicated mentor (human)
Visibility (new OKR and proposal)
VIP Features
Goal optimization
Action plan
Continuous performance management
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Independant Advisor

David Deslandes

I have about 23 years of experience with 12 years in startup / scale-ups and 5 years in GAFAM

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Tahina Rabetsitonta

With over 14 years of experience in .NET app development. I joined Aycoo to take up new challenges

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Business Mentor

Sébastien Lim

After having worked more than 20 years in the salaried sector, I decided to take another path to be a business mentor coach

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Growth marketing strategy

Franck Rossini

I have more than 20 years of experience with pioneering digital players including Spotify, Sybel or MySpace

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The success of Google and the rock star Bono’s charitable organization ONE didn’t occur by happenstance. The leaders of these organizations used the same goal-setting system (OKR), one that helped them translate their passions into measurable action plans.
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John Doerr — mentor

To shape an ethical and sustainable future, the Metaverse needs an anchor in the real world,
Web3 needs a benevolent consensus, and it all starts with education.
Changing the world, one OKR at a time.

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