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Create the future of Web3 with DAO

Designed for

Web3 Marketer

UI/UX Designer

Ayc | Studios

Craft captivating virtual worlds

Designed for

3D Modeler

C# Developer

Ayc | City

Design the perfect city for a dream life

Designed for


Building Engineer

Guaranteed results ! You focus on your learning, we take care of the rest. Throughout your journey, our team works on enhancing your professional image. Recruiters intervene directly on the platform to relieve you of the hassles associated with job searching.

Three Steps to Success

No more tedious training with our concise and actionable advice, based on industry experts' techniques


Create Your Path


Define your dream career and get a personalized action plan tailored to your needs, along with regular follow-ups for optimal progress.

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OKR - Training Framework focused on Ambitious Objectives and Measurable Key Results

Becoming an Expert in Experiential Marketing


Analyzing Current Trends

Developing 10 Experiential Sales Strategies

Designing and Hosting 10 Successful Marketing Events


Develop Your Skills


Receive Nudge from our AI, guided by our mentors, to make your learning more effective, and tackle challenging tasks to master your skills.

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I noticed a loophole in your code. To avoid errors and improve security, I recommend performing unit tests to ensure your code works correctly. It will save you time and prevent long-term headaches! 💪


Virtual Mentor

Unlock Opportunities


Earn skill badges to attract recruiters, unlock exclusive job and freelance mission opportunities, and enhance your efficiency to increase your income.

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Gradual Career Path

Each month on our platform offers you valuable professional experience, leading to the attainment of world-renowned diplomas through the VAE process

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Metal 50 $US / Month
For Adventurers
Be the Captain: Influence the future of the platform. 🚀
Explore the Unknown: Open the door to extraordinary experiences. 🌐
Nudge : Our approach subtly guides learning behaviors towards choices beneficial for professional growth autonomously. 💡
Test, Learn, and Adapt: Be the architect of innovation with Initiatives and take on exciting challenges to validate your assumptions and enhance your skills in a playful manner.🔒
Ikigai: Cultivate a more powerful purpose with priority assistance from mentors. 🌟
Develop Your Leadership: Working in teams is the key to enhancing your skills collaboratively. 🤝
Make Your Dreams Come True: Transform your aspirations into an exciting quest. 🎯
Stay Focused: Stay focused on your adventures and their impact on the world. 🗂️
Create Your Future: Identify, develop, and automatically generate personalized goals that promote your progression. 🌟
Communicate Securely: Each message is a new adventure. ✉️
Silver* 100 $US / Month
For Visionaries
Guide the Evolution: Shape the direction of the platform. 🚀
Exclusive Access: Catalyze your vision with premium resources. 💎
Aycira, 24/7 Guide: Access precise and tailored advice to boost your training journey, offering a customized experience that meets your skill needs. 🤖
Exclusive Access: Be among the first on board promising projects to experiment and bring your ambitions to life. 📋
Transform Your Knowledge into Success: Achieve your goals to earn AyCoins (AYC) and increase your level of recognition.💡
Master Management: Control your goals with precision and ease. 📊
Informed Planning: Organize your success with a time perspective. 📅
Draw your Destiny: Draw a clear path to your true purpose. 🌳
Track Your Evolution: Explore every step of your adventure. ⏳
Access Adventurer benefits for a rich experience! ✨
Gold* 200 $US / Month
For Aliens
Be the Architect of the Universe: Influence the platform with unparalleled authority. 🚀
Space Headquarters: Take advantage of a coworking space to stimulate your creativity. 🏢
Meeting Point: Connect with other members in a dedicated space. 🏡
A Guide to Earth: Get personal advice from a human mentor. 🤝
Optimize Your Time: When you're ready, an expert extraterrestrial in placement will put you in the job or freelance mission that suits you perfectly. 🕒
Simplify your Initiatives: Free yourself from time-consuming and repetitive tasks with out-of-this-world automation. 🔄
Be front and center: Highlight your ideas and goals to the community. 🔍
The Royal Treatment: Access features reserved for VIPs. 🌟
Your Interstellar Itinerary: Unlock new possibilities 📋
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Independant Advisor

David Deslandes

I have about 23 years of experience with 12 years in startup / scale-ups and 5 years in GAFAM

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Tahina Rabetsitonta

With over 14 years of experience in .NET app development. I joined Aycoo to take up new challenges

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Business Mentor

Sébastien Lim

After having worked more than 20 years in the salaried sector, I decided to take another path to be a business mentor coach

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Growth marketing strategy

Franck Rossini

I have more than 20 years of experience with pioneering digital players including Spotify, Sybel or MySpace

Want a new challenge ? Become a mentor
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At Spotify, I've encountered significant challenges requiring continuous adaptation to remain competitive. In the current economic context, I observe that fears regarding job replacement by AI are unfounded. Indeed, since AI doesn't draw a salary, it doesn't directly contribute to consumption and economic growth. However, it does enhance the productivity of businesses and employees, thereby paving the way for new jobs and stimulating the economy as a whole. Thus, the real question isn't whether AI will replace our jobs but rather if we're prepared to adapt to this inevitable evolution. Fortunately, Aycoo offers innovative solutions to strengthen our skills through AI integration.
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Franck Rossini — Director of Marketing, Formerly at Spotify

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